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Neighborhood Revitalization Mini Grant Application 2023

The Aurora Housing & Redevelopment Authority is sponsoring a Neighborhood 
Revitalization Project targeting residences within the city limits of Aurora. The purpose of the Grant project is to encourage and support residents' efforts to upgrade and improve the exterior of their homes and property. New this year: residents can apply for a grant of up to $1000 with project cost projections of $1000 or more. 

Mini Grant Rules: 
1.    You must live in and own a home within the city limits.
2.    The grant is for EXTERIOR improvements only.
3.    By signing the application and receiving grant funds, you agree and consent that the City of Aurora and the Aurora HRA can utilize your name, address, and photos for grant writing, project reports, and publicity of the program without obtaining separate written permission from you.
4.    By signing the application and receiving grant funds, you agree and acknowledge that' the City of Aurora and Aurora HRA are not responsible or liable for any property
damage or personal injuries related to or arising from any work on your project.
5.    The maximum grant request is $1000. Smaller amounts can be requested but also
must be matched.
6.    The grant program is available only while funds are available.
7.    Aurora HRA retains the right to deny or reject any application with or without cause.
8.    There will be no reimbursement or payments made for repair work or improvements
performed or completed prior to action on your grant application. All applicants must pay for their project work and submit dated receipts for reimbursements.
9.    If proposed improvements require approval and a permit from the City's Planning &
Zoning committee, you must apply for the permit ($20 cost) before receiving a grant.
10.     You must be up to date in payments for city utilities, real estate taxes, mortgage (if
applicable), and present current proof of these payments.
11.    Preference will be given to new applicants and households with income below

Mini Grant Application Process: 
1.    Submit a photo (electronic or hard copy) of the disrepair you plan to improve along with the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant application to the Aurora HRA. The application, photos, and proofs can be hand delivered to Aurora City Hall, mailed to Aurora HRA, P.O. Box 165, Aurora MN 55705, or emailed to Deadline for applications: June 20, 2023
2.    After written approval from the HRA, you will pay for and complete approved repairs within 60 days. If delays arise, please keep in contact with the Coordinator.
3.    Following completion of the approved repairs, you will submit an "after" photo of the project along with dated receipts for reimbursement.

Applications available on the HRA Departments Page and in person at City Hall.